About Conference

On August 16 - 20, 2018 on the basis of Chelyabinsk State University in a picturesque parkland zone of Chelyabinsk will be held Third International Conference «Shape Memory Alloys»

Conference will be focused on the following topics:

  1. Structure, martensitic transformations and shape memory effects in alloys;
  2. The theory of martensitic transformations and shape memory effect, modeling, and calculation of shape memory alloys functional properties;
  3. Novel materials. The production technology and application of shape memory alloys.

The aim of the conference is to review modern research and development in the field of shape memory alloys and related phenomena: from studying their structure, physical, mechanical, and functional properties to mathematical modeling of the shape memory materials behavior and their application.

Papers representing considerable scientific and practical interest and containing new, previously unpublished results will be included in the conference program. Papers will be refereed; accepted papers will be published in the conference materials.

Conference languages are Russian and English.

The third international conference "Shape Memory Alloys" continues the tradition of regular seminars and conferences devoted to shape memory alloys had been held in different cities of the Soviet Union: Kiev (1980, 1991), Voronezh (1982), Tomsk (1985), Novgorod (1989), Kosov (1991), St. Petersburg (1995). The first conference "Shape Memory Alloys: properties, technologies, and prospects" was held in 2014 in Vitebsk (Belarus). The second conference "Shape Memory Alloys: properties"  was held in 2016 in St. Petersburg.